Ecuador & The Andes

Montreal Jazz Festival

Venice, Italy

Carolina Lane - Asheville

Max Patch in Autumn

Indigenous Woman - Peru

Dupont State Forest Waterfall

Sayen Gardens Photo Tour

Brooklyn Bridge at Night

Bucks County, PA in Autumn

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got f-stop? Blog >> Tips & Tricks

got f-stop? Photo Blog » Tips & Tricks

Exploring the Depth of Photography

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7 Steps to Photographing Pig Races

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Travel Photography – Part 4 of 4: THINGS

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 Multi-day Adventures

  • Sanibel & Captiva Islands, FL – Sunrise to Sunset

    This three-day tour takes in the best of Sanibel and Captiva Islands, including both a sunrise and a sunset, with the highlight being a visit to the Ding Darling National Wildlife Refuge for some bird photography. This tour is limited to only eight participants! DATES: December 26 – 28, 2014

    The Soul Of Venice (Italy)

    Experience and photograph the splendor, color and people of one of the world’s most unique cities. This eight-day tour is the creative journey of a lifetime!
    DATES: March 8 – 15, 2015

    Montreal Jazz Festival 2015

    Are you a music lover? How about “French” culture? This special five-day tour concentrates on “live music” photography, but also allows time to explore the wonderful city of Montreal.
    DATES: June 29 – July 3, 2015

Asheville / WNC Tours

  • List of Asheville & WNC photo tours…

    Are you interested in a Vagabond Vistas photo tour in Asheville or Western North Carolina (WNC)? Here is a list of our most popular events in the area.

Workshops, Seminars & Speaking Gigs

  • Megapixels & Megabytes – Demystifying the “Megas”

    The building blocks of a digital image are these tiny things called “pixels”. This image, captured by the pixels, is then converted into a digital file, usually a JPEG or RAW format (and can be many “megabytes” in size). Not sure what all this means?
    DATE: January 8, 2015

    DSLR Camera & Lens Operation Workshop

    Do you want to “take” pictures, or “make” photographs? This popular special six-evening session helps you to progress from “automatic” operation of your camera to “semi–automatic” or “manual” operation.
    DATES: Jan. / Feb. 2014

    Vagabond Photo Walks – WNC MeetUp (Free!)

    Do you live in the Asheville / Western North Carolina area? Do you have a camera? Are you interested in meeting some new folks in a casual, creative setting, and do some urban shooting? Vagabond Photo Walks are a fantastic way to get some fresh air, some exercise, and to get those creative juices flowing. Best of all, it’s FREE!

    List of Vagabond Vistas Workshops & Seminars

    So, you want to learn a thing or two about photography, but you’re having trouble finding a good match between your specific interests and what’s on offer in and around Asheville. Why not contact us to conduct a workshop or seminar for your camera club or organization?

Northeast USA Tours

  • List of Northeast USA photo tours…

    Are you interested in a Vagabond Vistas photo tour in the Northeast USA (NYC / Philly / Delaware Valley)? Here is a list of our most popular events in the area.

    Washington Crossing State Park in Autumn

    This half-day tour concentrates on the peaceful and historic Delaware Valley on the Pennsylvania side of the river, taking advantage of the peak color of the region’s famous fall foliage. DATE: 2015 Date TBD

    Ken Lockwood Gorge in Autumn (NJ)

    The Ken Lockwood Gorge — a short stretch of the South Branch of the Raritan River — is one of the best-kept secrets in New Jersey, if not the entire Northeast USA. Although well-known with local trout fly-fishermen (and women), its natural beauty and its tranquility remain under the radar of most New Jersey residents. DATE: 2015 Date TBD

    Rural Bucks County, PA in Autumn

    The rural splendor of Bucks County, Pennsylvania draws visitors from across the country. Tucked away off of a side-road sits one of the most picturesque places that you will find in the Delaware Valley — Cuttalossa Farm.
    DATE: 2015 Dates TBD

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